About us

The African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI) was established in early 2009 as a partnership between a coalition of Bible Societies and Christian ministries, working together with the Africa Area Office of United Bible Societies (UBS). The vision for the ABLI project is to empower African leaders with Biblical truths which will foster integrity in leadership. We believe that this integrity will lead to transformed nations that are founded on truth and characterized by love and justice. The ABLI consists of various events and resources that have been developed with the goal of engaging with a broad audience of African leaders from the public, private, church and nonprofit sectors. The primary activities of the ABLI are: 

The ABLI Forum - ABLI is a dynamic Forum for change in African society. It applies Biblical principles to empower and inspire leaders of all backgrounds to address specific challenges within their communities. Moreover, provides an opportunity for networking and exchanging ideas on a wide range of issues pertinent to African cultures. The Forum serves as a hub for a growing community of practitioners who can support, encourage and mentor each other throughout the year by sharing information, examples and case studies of the successful application of God’s word in their contexts.

The African Union Prayer Breakfast - The African Union Prayer Breakfast is an event that precedes the AU Heads of State Summit that is held in Addis Ababa every January. At the AU Prayer Breakfast, heads of state, foreign ministers and diplomats join with Pan-African Christian leaders for a time of prayer for the needs of the continent.