International Bible Advocacy Centre (IBAC)

 IBAC is a Mission Resource Centre with a specialization in Bible advocacy. This Centre is located within the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) and aims to serve the United Bible Societies internationally. As a prime example of Bible advocacy, IBAC is delighted to sponsor the annual ABLI Forum. For more on IBAC see

The African Union Prayer Breakfast

 The African Union Prayer Breakfast is an event that precedes the AU Heads of State Summit that is held in Addis Ababa every January. At the AU Prayer Breakfast, heads of state, foreign ministers and diplomats join with Pan-African Christian leaders for a time of prayer for the needs of the continent. ABLI is proud to have been closely involved in the establishment of the AU Prayer Breakfast.

United Bible Societies (UBS)

 African Bible Societies within the UBS  play an active role in hosting the yearly forum, sharing resources and formulating contextually pertinent themes for the forum. Bible Societies which have hosted previous ABLI Forums included Bible Society of Ethiopia, Bible Society of Uganda, Bible Society of Ghana and Bible Society of Malawi. For more on the UBS see