ABLI prays for peace as riots erupt in Cameroon

ABLI has stood in urgent prayer for Cameroon following news of a bomb attack and riots. A bomb blast in Bamenda city in the northwest of the country on September 21 injured three police officers, according to news reports. The governor in the region... Read more

Where are all the women?

A conference dominated by men heard an impassioned plea for women to be released into leadership. It was a plea that came from a woman: ‘We look at ABLI and wonder – where are the women?’ asked Perpetua Fonki, of the Presbyterian Church, Camero... Read more

Time to rethink leadership in Africa – top judge

African Christians must rise up into positions of power – and see it as a calling to serve. One of Uganda’s top judges has called on African Christians to rise up into positions of leadership, if Africa is ever to halt the epidemic of corruption. Read more

Christian presidents of Africa, arise!

Call for Bible-based servant leadership and ‘zero tolerance for corruption’. The ABLI forum heard an impassioned call for Bible-based servant leadership from a former Nigerian cabinet minister. Jerry Gana prayed that God would use the African Bib... Read more

Interview with Jerry Gana

‘My prayer is the next generation of Africa’s leaders will come from ABLI.’ Read more

Bad smell in the room

‘We have become acquainted with the bad smell in the room,’ Dr Victor Manyim told Christian leaders in Cameroon. Referring to poor standards and low expectations in Africa, he said: ‘I looked around me today and I saw workers without shoes and ... Read more

Integrity test for African leaders

‘Can we imagine a world where integrity counts for nothing?’ Mr Joe Tetteh, of the Bible Society of Ghana, asked the ABLI Forum in Cameroon. ‘To sacrifice ethical values is a sure recipe for disaster.’ Mr Tetteh told the African Biblical Lead... Read more