Interview with Jerry Gana

‘My prayer is the next generation of Africa’s leaders will come from ABLI.’ Read more

Bad smell in the room

‘We have become acquainted with the bad smell in the room,’ Dr Victor Manyim told Christian leaders in Cameroon. Referring to poor standards and low expectations in Africa, he said: ‘I looked around me today and I saw workers without shoes and ... Read more

Integrity test for African leaders

‘Can we imagine a world where integrity counts for nothing?’ Mr Joe Tetteh, of the Bible Society of Ghana, asked the ABLI Forum in Cameroon. ‘To sacrifice ethical values is a sure recipe for disaster.’ Mr Tetteh told the African Biblical Lead... Read more

Beating billion-dollar corruption

A Ugandan woman judge who has fought large-scale corruption head-on was one of the inspirational stories of this year’s ABLI – the African Biblical Leadership Initiative. Read more

Africa – the new Zion

‘What does it mean to be a follower of Jesus Christ in 21st century Africa?’ That was the question posed to assembled leaders from across the continent. Read more

Feed the world, Africa

One of the greatest challenges facing Africa today is neither terrorism nor corruption, but its vast swathes of underused arable land. This should feed not only the continent, but the entire world. Read more

Africa - the future face of Christianity

African Christianity is set to become the face of Christianity around the world. By 2050, 40 per cent of the world’s Christians will be African, the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI Forum) was told. Read more

Youth – you are the leaders now

Africa’s youth are not just the leaders of tomorrow, but the leaders of today, Wepnyu Yembe Njamnshi told the African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI Forum). ‘And to rebuild the broken walls of Africa will take the dedication of every youth.... Read more

Arise, leaders, and walk

The African Biblical Leadership Initiative (ABLI Forum) got underway in Cameroon with a clear call for leadership that will stir up potential in others to change their nations for good. Read more