Transforming the Culture of Leadership in Africa

Celebrating the Good in Africa

Africa is a continent of many challenges. However, there is also an array activities in the realms of justice, charity, engenuity and peaceful coexistence to celebrate. Inasmuch as bringign solutions for the endemic of corruption, combatting Afro-pessimism is one of the agendas of the forum.  

Integrity and Stewardship in Public Office

Lack of integrity in public office and private life are common problems for leaders, and Africa is no different. The Forum will tackle issues related to corruption, bribery and honesty in private life as well as in public office. 

Social Harmony and Embracing Diversity

Africa has suffered a great deal in recent times from conflicts of both a religious and of a political nature. In particular, ABLI Malawi will reflect on the political conflict in South Sudan, and the religious conflict across from Nigeria, across the Sahel to Kenya and the Horn of Africa. 

The Next Generation: The Leaders of Today

ABLI Malawi intends not only to speak about youth, but to speak with them. In this vein, young people will be given ample opportunities to speak within the Forum and to share their experience with their peers as well as others.